some of the songs that are being requested

for the tsplica playlist are just splendid 

I said that spliced URLs would be hoarded 
less than 5 mins later
let the hunger games begin

so in the tsplica drafts is where the mods talk, we have a bulletin board, that’s where we call dibs on requests aaand, there’s the bulba post. the pokemon get organized into sets to be spliced with bulbasaur and before hand, we all sign up for which set we want.

this post has been up for a very long time and since we haven’t really been doing bulba splices, i havent paid attention to it in a while. i was just about to go do some splices, so i checked which set i need to do and… I SWEAR I DIDN’T DO IT CUZ I DONT REMEMBER?! but it looks like someone else went through and changed all of mine to say samson?!?!?!


people continue to not read the faqs

*buys a new guitar since i smashed the first one*

why do they try to submit those shitty splices from the fusion generator and pass them off as their own

*plays a wicked guitar solo*

some people are just really dumb

*places guitar in a case because people will continue to be dumb*

why don’t people read the FAQ

*strums the guitar*

why do they request things when requests are clearly cloooosed

*smashes guitar on my head*

oh yeah!

last night i livestreamed for the first time since i came out on tsplica

despite hearing my feminine voice, people still insisted on calling me the right pronouns and the right names. and the few people who were new and didn’t know that i’m trans were a little confused, but the rest of the followers politely corrected them, and we moved on like nothing happened

i was.. really touched. i don’t say it enough, but i really appreciate the tsplica followers. you guys are really awesome.

I’m looking for DNA Splicers

hahhaha you mean TSplicA mods

guys we’re in this game

Sam sends professional responses as a TSplicA mod

And sorry that tumblr is being such a butt.


when one of my splices gets a bunch of reblogs, but no one comments when they reblog, I go and check if they put anything in the tags

Someone put #satan

Ginny just told us about

her cat’s boner.